Welcome to Damned Mines!!

This is a private hosting service for all the gamers that are looking for a nice place to stay and waste many hours together.

Currently I am hosting few Minecraft servers, two semi-public (you need to get whitelisted) and some community ones (ARK, 7DTD, Empyrion and possibly others). These are private services with free access to them. I will never ask nor will my co-admins and moderatos for any money from you. But if you feel like generous and want to donate anything to cover some of the costs of running the servers, then I won’t say no…

I am looking forward to see you playing with me and many other people on one of my servers. Enjoy your stay.

Disclaimer: this a site is pretty much still under construction (no time and lack of effort/will power) and will be for long time. I have my own life and this server is just a ‘home project’ that has overgrown my expectations. I do not complain about it and I am trying to keep up with the demand yet I have to spend some time with my wife and kids too.